Animal adoption in ZOO Selang in Bali

The Czech rescue ZOO in Selang resort in Bali has its own specifics and not everybody will have an oportunity to get there any time. Nevertheless, we believe that a number of visitors had with the animals a good time there or they had at least beautiful photos and maybe somebody have left a piece of his heart there.

An adoption can be besides the warm feeling the reason to coming back to the "family" to Bali, an interesting present for your closest persons or friends or a novel way of an advertisement for companies and enterprisers.

How can you adopt an animal?

An applicant who can be an individual, a company, an enterpriser, a school or a class.. choose the animal in the list of animals offered to the adoption according to their sympathy or financial capacity. Than he (or they) write an e-mail to the "Mimpi Indonesia" adress and we make out the deed of gift and we send it back to applicant's signature with the data about how to make the payment. After the payment we send to the applicant the certificate where is mentioned that he (they) become the adoptive parent(s) of the chosen animal. The adoption take one year and obtained financial resources are used on cover the costs associated with a complete care of the chosen animal.

Where should you consign the financial resources?

Via the bank transfer or via the cheque to the account number 2100194892/2010 (you obtain a basis of the payment together with the contract)

What have the adoptive parent right to?

  • name of the adoptive parent on the table on the expozition of adopted animal (if the adoptive parent want to be mentioned)
  • name of the adoptive parent on the web site (if the adoptive parent want to be mentioned)
  • certificate of the adoption
  • information about ZOO Selang activities (sending the bulletin)
Thank to all adoptive parents for their favour and for that they are not innert to the destiny of...

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