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In February 2013, two months we became home Selang , which is a relatively quiet area , located in the northeastern part of the famous and bustling tourist Indonesian island of Bali . The resort where we stayed , also includes the adjacent rescue zoo for more or less endangered Indonesian animals. Under the supervision of an experienced diver , explorer and conservationist George Pears, here on the rocky coast grew amount enclosures and aviaries that provide home often quite rare and endangered avian , reptilian and mammalian species endangered Indonesian fauna.

Rescue Zoo is one of the main projects of the non-profit organization Mimpi Bali Foundation, which is a partner organization of the civic association Mimpi Indonesia os Our task was primarily to assist in the care of the animals , to oversee the conduct training accuracy of the Balinese breeders , monitoring and mapping the terrain for the construction of a new zoo in Bali and especially education of the public in nature conservation and endangered species.

Not only visitors tamed tyto handsome annimals creatures , but more on that in a blog post first reports appeared to Bali and photos that we constantly busy he brought the memory of the unforgettable moments spent in the company We never dreamed

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